The Crimson Chalice

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0 | 2012.10.18
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<p><i>The Crimson Chalice</i> trilogy, first published between 1976 and 1978, is Victor Canning’s classic retelling of the story of King Arthur. Beginning with the story of his parents, Tia and Baradoc, Canning weaves elements of the Grail myth into a Fifth century setting; a Britain abandoned by the Romans, and gradually descending into tribal conflict. In the second book of the trilogy, <i>The Circle of the Gods</i>, young Arturo, with an unshakeable sense of destiny, establishes a comitatus, a gathering of companions, which will one day grow into an army under the banner of the white horse. In the closing book, <i>The Immortal Wound</i>, Arturo’s story concludes as he ascends to become high king of Britain. Throughout the story, the ever present Merlin appears to guide Arturo, as he fulfils his destiny, alongside the familiar characters of Arthurian legend.</p><p></p><p> “An unusual blend of fairy tale and historical novel . . . vivid, original and gripping.’ <i>Washington Post</i></p>

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